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Late Returns

Stood in a field, clutching a pair of our Silent Disco headphones that you were hoping to return?

Did you miss the cut-off time and in despair thinking you might not ever see your deposit again?

FEAR NOT- You’ve got this!

We’d love to be reunited with our headphones again, just like you want to be reunited with your deposit; follow the steps below so we can both be happy once again.

  • When you’re back from the festival, grab yourself a box and some packaging to wrap your headphones up and keep them safe from damage.
  • Write us a note starting with the festival/event your Silent Disco headphones are from and then state your full name, address, telephone number, and bank details (of the account you want your deposit paid back to)- all we need is the account number and sort code. Pop it in the box so we’ll know where the headphones have come from.
  • Once they’re elegantly wrapped and packaged, label the parcel and send it to:
    FAO: Festival Returns,
    Silent Disco King,
    1 Endle Street,
    SO14 5FZ
  • Post your package to us via any courier of your choice.

Once your headphones return to us safely our team will check that they are ok. Providing they’re all good and your return was received within the return window for the festival outlined in our terms and conditions of hire, we’ll then issue the refund of your deposit and give you a message to let you know.